Carrier Aeroflex Belly

High Performance Aerodynamic Trailer Fairings by Freight Wing.
7.45% fuel savings.

Brand: Carrier
Type: Fairing
Model: Belly Fairing

A 7.45% fuel savings over 100,000 miles results in:

  • 1,090 gallons* reduction in fuel consumption
  • Over 10 tons less of greenhouse gas emissions

    CARB selected the SmartWay-verified products as the products approved under the CARB rules.

    Revolutionary fiberglass rod and hinge system provides optimal flexing ability:

  • During impact, the rods permit the fairing to freely rotate and bend, then return back to the original position

  • Provides the necessary stiffness to maintain the fairing’s profile under high wind conditions


    Carrier Aeroflex Belly Fairing Brochure (Carrier AeroFlex Brochure.pdf)
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