International Telematics TMU-1000

Refrigerated tracking and monitoring.

Brand: International Telematics
Type: Telematics
Model: TMU-1000

Fuel efficiency and the range of driver and vehicle factors
that determine fuel use
Tire life and the range of driver and vehicle factors that
directly impact tire wear
Engine status and diagnostic trouble alerting
Vehicle utilization with sophisticated location and
landmark (geofence) capabilities
Trailer fleet management, tracking and utilization
Driver performance and assessment for management,
incentivisation and retention
Customer satisfaction criteria such as responsivity, load
quality control and reliability
Ability to send instructions to vehicle systems such as for
idle kill or temperature setting
Driver messaging and routing
Over the air enquiry of vehicle systems such as engine
Carbon emission reporting
Management of regulatory compliance including Hours
of Service and State Fuel Tax
Driver log-on, ID and Status
Driver routing and location based messaging

  • more
    effective fleet-wide job management
    Safety factor alerting, monitoring and management
    Accident alerting and playback
    Fleet management or optimization challenges that are
    specific to your fleet

    International Telematics TMU-1000 Telematics Brochure (ITC Reefer Brochure.pdf)
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