Carrier Supra 660

Average Box Size: 16' - 22'

Brand: Carrier
Type: Truck Reefer
Model: Diesel Truck
  • Average Box Size: 14 20 box
  • Standby Available
  • Diesel Truck Unit
  • Superior reliability and temperature control for medium-sized trucks.

    Supra 660 offers faster pulldown, quicker
    recovery, and enhanced product protection
    even with frequent door openings.

    Exceptional reliability ensures the lowest overall cost to operate.

    Standard Features Include:

  • 05K 12-2 cylinder compressor
  • CT3-44TV TriVortex diesel engine
  • DuraShell damage resistant composite skins
  • Environmentally friendly Refrigerant R404a
  • SpaceSaver evaporator
  • High power 70-amp. Alternator
  • Exclusive MicroProcessor Control System:
  • Automatic start-stop operation
  • Digital readout (CAB COMMAND-in cab)
  • Alarm displays in English or Alphanumeric
  • Self diagnostics
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • High refrigerant pressure protection

    Carrier Supra 660 Truck Reefer Brochure (CarrierSupra660.pdf)
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