Espar D8 Airtronic

Brand: Espar
Type: Heater
Model: D8 HAirtronic
Specs: Heat output:
  • 27,300 BTU on High
  • 11,900 BTU on Low

    Fuel Consumption (L/Hr)
  • 1.0 on High
  • 0.11 on Low

    Electric Consumption
  • 9.6 amps on High
  • 9.6 amps on Low

    Air Throughput
  • 151 cfm on High
  • 146 cfm on Low
  • Espar D8 air heaters are designed for applications such as medium cargo, marine, utility vehicles, school buses, and RV's. This heater combines a high heat output with a relatively small size.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Compact
  • Economical
  • Low Fuel and power consumption
  • Comfort
  • Multiple heat outputs to maintain desired temperatures
  • Self-Diagnostics

    Espar D8 Airtronic Heater Brochure (Espar-D8-Airtronic.pdf)
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