Carrier Supra 860

Average Size Box: 18' - 28'

Brand: Carrier
Type: Truck Reefer
Model: Diesel Truck
  • Average Box Size: 18 28
  • Diesel Truck Unit
  • Standby Available
  • Superior refrigeration performance for large trucks.

    Supra 860 offers exceptional reliability and performance for better load protection and quality in larger trucks.

    Supra 860 delivers increased performance and system life while reducing maintenance and service costs.

    Standard Features Include:

  • 05K 24-4 cylinder compressor
  • CT3-44TV TriVortex diesel engine
  • DuraShell damage resistant composite skins
  • Environmentally friendly Refrigerant R404a
  • SpaceSaver evaporator
  • High power 70-amp. Alternator
  • Exclusive MicroProcessor Control System:
  • Automatic start-stop operation
  • Digital readout (CAB COMMAND-in cab)
  • Alarm displays in English or Alphanumeric
  • Self diagnostics
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • High refrigerant pressure protection

    Carrier Supra 860 Truck Reefer Brochure (CarrierSupra860.pdf)
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