Carrier Supra 950 MT

Multiple Temperature Unit
Average Box Size: 20' - 30'
Custom Applications Available

Brand: Carrier
Type: Truck Reefer
Model: Diesel Truck
  • Average Box Size: 20'
  • 30' box
  • Three System
  • Available, with combinations of Single and Duel Throw evaporators
  • Multiple cargoes, multiple temperatures, multiple stops. Supra 950 MT is the single unit that can deliver.

    Supra 950 MT is the ideal solution for
    multi-temperature vehicles which demand
    high capacity, high airflow, and fast
    recovery after frequent deliveries.
    SlimLine evaporators offer the most
    optimized loading configurations and
    minimum the risk of damage.

    Standard Features Include:

  • 05G 37-CID 6 c-ylinder compressor
  • CT3-69TV TriVortex diesel engine
  • DuraShell damage resistant composite skins
  • Environmentally friendly Refrigerant R404a
  • SpaceSaver evaporator
  • EDPM coolant hoses
  • High power 65-amp. Alternator
  • Exclusive MicroProcessor Control System:
  • Automatic start-stop operation
  • Digital readout (CAB COMMAND-in cab)
  • Alarm displays in English or Alphanumeric
  • Self diagnostics
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Low engine oil protection

    Carrier Supra 950 MT Truck Reefer Brochure (SUPRA950MT.pdf)
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