Wolf 6000AW

Wolf 6000AW combi heater is the analog of Truma D6E, which has been adopted for North American market. This unit produces plenty of heat to bring comfort to vehicle of any size. Being very popular in Europe, this unit is now available with 240V and 120V rated water heating elements for RV hookups in US […]

Walrus 9000C

12V or 24V diesel coolant heater kit with programmable 7-day timer, coolant and fuel pumps, intake and exhaust air lines and all necessary hardware required for basic installation.

Walrus 5000C

5kW/17000BTU Coolant Heater Kit with 7-day programmable timer, mounting bracket and hardware, fuel pump, fuel line, wiring harness, exhaust pipe with muffler, coolant pump, screws, clamps and straps.