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Vice President / Steve Henwood
General Manager / Brad Otsuka
Chief Financial Officer / Marc Vanneste
Controller / Lauren Chapman
Accountant / Arzina Murji
Accounts Payable / Debbie Waters
Accounts Receivable / Chanese Singh
Accounts Receivable / Juno Bhattacherjee
Reception / Accounts Payable / Kadie Hylton-Coward
IT Manager / Chris Deorajh
IT Administrator / David Ciontea
Mobile Service Manager / Chris Diamantopoulos
Mobile Service Coordinator / Angie Verissimo
Mobile Service Coordinator / Armin Patricio
Mobile Service Coordinator / Karen McClean
Mobile Service Coordinator / Teresa Medeiros
Mobile Service Coordinator / Trevor Dean
Manager / Ian Pilling
Senior Parts Specialist / Mike Knott
Warehouse Supervisor / Jeff Meyer
Parts Associate / Andrew Cordeiro
Parts Associate / Clive Feron
Parts Associate / Ebenezer Mensah
Parts Associate / Mason Poyntner
Parts Associate / Nicholas Cherry
Parts Associate / Sal Cristiano
Parts Associate / Stefan Primeau
Parts Associate / Tamara Takach
Project Manager / Chris Dyke
Service Manager / Shawn Trottier
Account Manager / Tyler Hunter
Office Manager / Bill Duncan
Service Administrator / Lindsay Balla
Reefer Sales Guelph / Chris Nerbonne
Account Manager / Dylan Copeman
Account Manager / Gary Ginn
Account Manager / John Sheikh
Account Manager / Justin Nice
Account Manager / Lucas Meschino
Account Manager / Tyler Hunter
Sales Operations Manager / Cettina Sciberras
Sales Coordinator / Magda Burzynska
Sales Administrator / Gregory Barbuto
Telematics Coordinator / Jeffrey Anderson

service administration

Service Administrator / Brittany Heller
Service Administrator / Debra Harris
Service Administrator / Elizabeth Santarsiero
Service Administrator / Helen Krasic
Service Administrator / Jennifer Nguyuen
Service Administrator / Maria Watson
Service Administrator / Michelle Duong
Service Administrator / Sandra Bolos
Service Administrator / Shannon Macrae
Service Administrator / Shaunna-Lee Cyprus
Service Administrator / Sukhi Gupta
Service Administrator / Tera Beaulieu
Service Administrator / Tiana McDougall
Service Operations Manager / Tanya Eubanas
Service Administration Supervisor / Melissa Batras
Shop Manager / Irek Migacz
Shop Leadhand / Karol Kurpaska
Training &Technical Support / Michael Forbes
Maintenance Coordinator / Gabrielle Eubanas
Night Shift Supervisor / Jerry Del Rosario
Nightshift Leadhand / Gregory Joseph
Warranty Administrator / Kayla Best
Warranty Administrator / Zamin Nabbi
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