Lynx Fleet

Lynx Fleet

A Complete Telematics Package: Each Lynx Fleet-enabled TRU is equipped with a telematics module with backup battery, antenna and wiring harness. Cellular operation or cellular plus satellite operation, as specified by the customer, include a satellite radio and antenna elements in a single hardware package. All user data is securely maintained and accessed through a Carrier-approved data center, providing redundant data protection, fast access, and robust security of fleet information. The robust Lynx Fleet website provides three easy ways to get a comprehensive overview of a fleet, and each is customizable to a fleet’s unique needs. All information is available through desktop computers and mobile devices, so you never lose touch with your cold chain assets. Additionally, information collected by Lynx Fleet can be integrated into the fleet’s transportation management system


Power Input Range

8V – 32V


4G LTE Cellular + GPS Satellite (Optional)


7.5” x 3.1” x 1.5”

Operating Temperature Range

-40 to +85° C


Polycarbonate IP67 Rated

Features / Sensors

GPS, fuel, door open/closed, up to 3 remote or independent temperature probes, Dwell time, Engine hours, Door lock/unlock, Two-way commands, Fuel analytics, Real-time Alarms

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