Vector 8600MT

Vector 8600MT

Carrier first broke the performance barrier in 2006 with the introduction of the Vector platform, the first and only multi-temp trailer refrigeration system to feature true hybrid architecture. The Vector 8600MT unit allows you to configure up to three refrigerated compartments to meet your temperature requirements and delivery patterns. Now you can improve operational efficiency using smart evaporators for easier, more flexible installation. Carrier Transicold remote evaporators are available in both single- and exclusive dual-discharge airflow, as well as half-width and full-width configurations. This allows you to optimize the system for your loading preference while still offering flexibility to configure larger compartments, so you can use your assets more efficiently. With the Vector 8600MT unit, you can configure your trailers to your business rather than configure your business to your trailers.


Condenser Dimensions

76.4" x 85.7" x 22.8"

Evaporator Dimensions

Body Opening

66.8" x 46.0"

Approximate Weight

1,820 lb. (820 kg) including electric standby

Cooling/Temperature Capacity

Ambient 100°F Setpoint 35°F – 60,000 BTU Setpoint 0°F – 35,000 BTU Setpoint -20°F – 24,000 BTU

Evaporator Airflow

3,050 cfm

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