X4 7500

X4 7500

Built upon the proven X2TM platform, the X4™ 7500 unit sets the bar even higher as the new industry standard for refrigeration performance and efficiency. The model 7500 establishes the benchmark for extreme performance. It delivers fast pulldown, precise temperature control and peace of mind for the most demanding applications. Combining innovative engineering with a straightforward, practical design means less fuel consumption, reduced engine run hours, and lower maintenance costs.


Condenser Dimensions

76.4" x 85.7" x 22.8"

Evaporator Airflow

3,050 cfm

Body Opening

66.8" x 46.0"

Approximate Weight

1,620 lb. (820 kg)

Cooling/Temperature Capacity

Ambient 100°F
Setpoint 35°F – 68,000 BTU
Setpoint 0°F – 37,000 BTU
Setpoint -20°F – 25,000 BTU

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