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Reefer Sales & Service has expanded its product offerings to include the complete line of Vanguard truck bodies for the Eastern Canadian market. Customers now have competitive choices for truck bodies, drawing on Vanguard’s years of experience in trailer manufacturing.

Reefer Sales is excited to offer clients a complete Reefer / Truck Body / Fleet Graphics solution serving as a one-stop shop.

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Engineered for weight conscious applications delivering fuel saving and increased payload capacities. This lightweight solution also provides the needed weight offset for the electric truck market.

  • Lightweight honeycomb composite panels (25mm thick) for sides and front walls (honeycomb core with composite lining/coating)
  • Aluminum subframe, stainless front radius and stainless rear frame as standard options
  • Reduced weights result in fuel savings and greater payload. Available in 12’ – 22’ length
  • Available in 12’ – 22’ length
  • Great design for electric trucks to help offset weight of the batteries and other components

For extreme heavy-duty applications with sizes ranging from 24’ to 30’ boxes.

  • Reinforced steel with composite lining on exterior and interior (6mm thick)
  • Strong and durable product that provides a larger interior width dimension (100-1/8” for a 102” body)
  • Sizes range from 24’ and up to 30’ lengths
Standard Upgraded Features
  • Stainless steel front corner radius
  • Stainless steel rear frames
  • Fully hot dipped galvanized subframes

Your standard industry solution for an economical dry freight truck body.


Standard plywood lined aluminum sheet and post bodies

Sizes and configurations available from 12’ to 30’ lengths

  • Stainless steel front corner radius
  • Stainless steel rear frames
  • Fully hot dipped galvanized subframes
  • Common options and specifications
    • Various rear door options (3 different manufacturers available – Whiting, Transglobal and McLaren)
    • Liftgates, tuck away, slider and rail gates (Maxon, Waltco and Dhollandia)
    • Cargo control tracking for front and side walls
    • Reinforced front wall / crash angle



The unparalleled integrity found in every Vanguard refrigerated trailer is ingrained in our all-new cutting-edge Polar Globe Reefer Bodies from CIMC Vanguard, developed and built exclusively for the Canadian market.

  • Full Stainless steel front wall with chromed dormer and cast corner caps
  • Hot dipped fully galvanized subframe for extended life expectancy
  • Seamless Product, no joints or splicing
    • One piece / full length cargo track and scuff liner
    • Full seamless thermoplastic interior wall and ceiling lining
    • One piece composite sheet above cross members
  • Inverted T aluminum floor, robotically welded for clean, precise, and consistent welds
  • Thermoplastic lining with anti-microbial resistant component
  • Injected and pressed polyurethane insulation process for increased thermal efficiency
  • Various sizes, configurations, and options available – both multi temp and single temp applications

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